{insight...and, our winner}

hello, again!

as i've been thinking about this blog, why i'm writing it, and what you might want to read about, i've come to the conclusion that i'll give you a snapshot in to my life :: how i juggle my schedule with three kids, a husband who travels, running my own business, what i do to {try to} stay balanced. now, i'm the first one to admit that my life is NOT that exciting. i'm sure each of you could write a similar blog.

over the past year, as i have struggled with what to write, i needed to define why i wanted to write, so that my time, and yours, would be well spent. i know that writing my blog will be as much for me as it will be for you. so, once a week, i'll give you something. a picture of a craft or my latest product i'm developing for {afd}. a way i stay organized. a recipe. something beautiful i saw. who knows. what i do hope is that you'll stick with me, offer me feedback, ask questions. after all, it's all about engaging.

yesterday, our family celebrated easter. i hope you celebrated something, anything, this weekend. there's a lot to be grateful for! for me, family is what it's all about. you can't take the rest with you. 

what's most important

recently, i made the seemingly monumental decision to move {afd} into a real studio workspace. partly, it was because our small house was being overrun with my crafting supplies. i didn't have a craft room, so every room became a craft room. i often joked that michael's and joann's threw up inside our house. the clutter was beginning to paralyze me. 

but, really, what made my decision to move was that i wasn't present for my family. instead of relishing the time i had with my kids to talk, reflect, laugh and break up fights, i was constantly checking my email, tweeting from my phone, or sitting down to try something at the sewing machine. when your 10-year-old says, "mom, you're always on your phone. you don't listen to what i'm saying," i stopped. i listened. i felt guilty. then i got the heck out of dodge. or, at least, i separated my business life from my home life.

and now that i have rent to pay each month, i'm more motivated than ever to make {afd} a go! but, that's another story for another day.

i've made you wait too long for our winner. last week, i shared a wonderful line of pendants that are a collaboration between lexiworks and myself. we call our line 'lovely.' and it truly is.

all you had to do to enter was leave a comment at the end of last week's post. and, 32 of you did! random.org helped me to choose comment number 3 . congratulations annemarie ! you win the lovely.collage.necklace. of your choice. email me by 8am tomorrow and tell me which one you choose! and, thanks to all of you for entering, reading, and being part of our growing community.

have a fantastic week! xo. anne 


{ giveaway }

why, hello!

it's been quite a while since i've posted here, so we're kicking off the re-launch of the {afd} blog with a fantastic giveaway.

lovely. a new line of jewelry from {afd} and Lexisworks

 if you're part of our facebook community, you'll know that we've teamed with denver artist Lexis Krieg, of Lexisworks, to create an amazing line of six gorgeous pendant necklaces. taking her beautiful, original mixed-media collage art, we've collaborated to make these great gifts, which come ready to give in a cute metal tin. 

the artwork is mounted on a vintage style copper colored backing and finished with a lovely copper chain. trust us, it will complement absolutely anything you've got hanging in your closet!

each necklace comes ready to give, packaged in a metal tin.

the line is simply called 'lovely.' and these designs are available for sale on our website, {anne franklin designs}, for $25 through april. from may until we launch our next six pieces, the cost will be $32.

live the life you imagined.

however, because you're here reading this, and because you're part of the amazing {afd} community, we want to give you an opportunity to win the lovely.little.piece. of your choice!

joy. collaged owl pendant.

all you have to do is visit our websitetake a peek at the new pendants, decide which one you can't live without, and leave a comment at the end of this post telling us which is your favorite. that's it!

find your adventure.

we will select our winner with the help from random.org next monday, april 9 at 8am MST. make sure your comment has a way for us to contact you if you're the lucky winner!

have a fantastic week. and, please, continue to tell your friends about {afd} and this lovely.little.giveaway.

xo. anne