{what i made} :: cream cheese chocolate chip muffins.

the recipe as i've used it since at least 2004.
ready to bake.

these muffins are a standby at our house. the recipe is easy to follow, pretty much fool-proof and really yummy. in fact, i usually don't bake them myself. one of the kiddos gets the honors.

i can't remember my source for the recipe, or when i started making them. but i know, it's been at least ten years.

back in the day when we brought snacks to the girls' soccer games, i always made a double match of these in the mini-muffin size (that's 48!). after the game, the whole basket would be empty in 5 minutes or less.

this morning we woke up to 2 degree temps. once i hauled myself out of bed, daughter #2 decided she'd make our yummy weekend standby. this is a picture of the batter ready to bake. 

by the time i got around to taking a photo once they were finished, three were already gone. hmmm...

anyway, enjoy the printable version of this recipe here.

finished. a few missing already.
and, happy new year!

xo, anne

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